Matsuo, after his door-to-door mineral water sales business flopped, visited the West Coast as if to escape from his failure.
He encountered Kazumi, who was selling Buddhist altars as fashionable interior items. Matsuo was attracted by Kazumi’s recklessness in his way of life, and approached him with an idea for new big business.

It was the final resort for the duo, who has always led a life without knowing the future course, to found an imaginary museum full of swollen fantasy and elusive dream.
Though the museum barely has its stage backdrop, it even runs a drifting illusory museum shop.
Soon, many talents has gathered as if agitated by the duo like flies swarming around flame to dance the dance of death.
Their fantasy comes to be out of control…
A powerful drug ‘ENTERTAINMENT’ has come to busted all.

design by born machine records
text by takaaki akaishi